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Phase V

Welcome to the information page for the Phase V upgrade. Please reference this page and all GAS messages for any announcements or updates.

Georgia’s Clean Air Force (GCAF) has released a required Phase V software and hardware upgrade for all testing equipment. 

Phase V Update

Final update on Phase V software/hardware equipment upgrade: The DNR Board approved changes to the I/M Rules which included requirements to Phase V equipment and software.  The rules became effective November 22, 2016. After December 16, 2016, GAS units with Phase IV software will no longer be capable of communicating to the VID and performing a test. If you are still in the process of updating your equipment to Phase V, please contact GCAF immediately. To request a close-out of your old Phase IV GAS unit, submit a completed Station/Analyzer Close-Out Form via the GCAF website.

WorldwideBeta testing completed on April 12, 2016. Worldwide stations may upgrade at this time.

Opus/ESP  – Beta testing completed on June 27, 2016. Opus/ESP stations may upgrade at this time.

Bosch/SPXBeta testing completed on July 11, 2016. Bosch/SPX stations may upgrade at this time.

All Opus customers and Worldwide customers with dynamometers should order their upgrade and complete a passing audit with GCAF.

It is critically important that you consult with your equipment manufacturers (EMs) now. Please do not wait until the last minute to order your Phase V upgrade. You should order your upgrade, in addition to completing a passing audit with GCAF.

Please contact your equipment manufacturer with any questions regarding equipment and pricing. GCAF, nor the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), have this information.


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