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Inspector Certification Application Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully and ensure you have all the required information and documentation prior to completing your Inspection Certification Application. The Inspector Certification Applications must be submitted electronically. When completing the application, do not use ditto marks or enter “same” in any fields.

After GCAF determines your application is complete and the supporting documents meet the requirements, your application will be conditionally approved, pending final EPD approval. Note: You cannot be scheduled for training until you are notified by GCAF that your application received final approval. After your application receives final approval, you or the station owner/authorized representative may submit an email to to schedule you for inspector training.

View the available inspector training dates.

You are required to provide detailed information on the Inspector Certification Application in several categories, some of which are listed below with important notes regarding the fields that must be completed.

    • For Georgia drivers’ licenses and state IDs, the number generally is located in the top left corner and is a nine digit number.
    • A post office box address is not permitted for the “Home Address,” however is permitted for the “Mailing Address,” if different than the “Home Address.”

If your contact information changes, you are required to submit an Inspector Contact Information Update Form within one business day to update your profile (Rule 391-3-20-.11(1)).

    • If you are currently a Georgia emissions inspector, check “Yes” and enter your inspector certification number. This is the number on your badge, not your access code.
    • If a student fails to attend his or her scheduled inspector training class for an unexcused reason, he or she must wait 90 days to reschedule. View the training no-show policy.

Applying for Inspector Certification

Required Documentation

GCAF only accepts documentation in English; documents in other languages will not be accepted. Additional documentation may be required in order to process the request to become a certified inspector.

The following documentation must be submitted when applying for inspector certification:


Please allow seven (7) business days for processing applications. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. The applicant will receive a confirmation number for an online submittal to acknowledge a successful transmission. Please use this number when referring to your application. The applicant or the applicant’s station owner/authorized representative will be notified by email when the application is approved. NOTE: If the applicant fails to upload the correct documentation, you or the station owner/authorized representative will be contacted by email, instructing the inspector to resubmit the application.