for Georgia's Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

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Georgia’s Clean Air Force (GCAF) Recognized Repair Technician Training

GCAF offers online training for repair technicians to enhance the service levels of emissions-related repairs in the metro Atlanta area. The training is offered at the expense of the repair facility but offers many benefits to repair facilities and technicians. Upon successful completion, repair technicians will be considered GCAF recognized repair technicians and receive a certificate and certification number. GCAF provides additional details, after the course is completed.

For what a list of benefits of becoming a GCAF recognized repair technician, download the Top 10 Reasons for Becoming a GCAF Recognized Repair Technician for more details.

Instructions for Becoming a GCAF Recognized Repair Technician:

  1. Complete the recommended online training.
    1. Complete one of the following ASE Automobile & Light Truck certification trainings and receive a passing score (click here to visit). Please note: you are not required to take both trainings. You only need completion of A1 or A2.
      1. SAE A1 – Engine Repair
      2. SAE A2 – Engine Performance

To take ASE tests, you must register and pay in advance. Click here to register for an ASE Certification Test.

  1. Once you finish the online training program, print a copy of the completion page.
  2. Complete the Online Repair Technician Completion Notification Form and submit it along with a copy of the online training completion page (submittal instructions listed on the form).
  3. You will receive a GCAF Recognized Repair Technician confirmation via email.

Identification as a GCAF recognized emissions repair technician is not intended as a recommendation, certification or endorsement by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) or their management contractor. These individuals have completed advanced training and are qualified only as resources to help vehicle owners with emissions-related repairs. Due to the nature of the information provided and the manner in which it is compiled, the EPD and their management contractor make no representations as to and do not warrant its accuracy.

Repair Assistance & Other Resources

The following information is provided to assist motorists and repair technicians with trouble shooting emissions-related repairs. GCAF recommends contacting your local car dealership for assistance with any warranties, technical service bulletins (TSBs), and recalls.

For a list of TSBs distributed by GCAF, click here.

For a list of warranties, TSBs, recalls, and diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), click here to link to our Repair Assistance Knowledge Base.

For assistance with vehicle-specific DLC locations and recall information, click here.

If you need to reach an auto manufacturer, click here for contact information.

If you are a repair facility or technician and would like to receive periodic updates from GCAF, including distribution of TSBs, click here.

For additional assistance, call 1.800.449.2471, option #3.