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Station Information Update Form Instructions

Please read the following instructions carefully and ensure you have all the required information and documentation if applicable, prior to completing your Station Information Update form. The Station Information Update form must be submitted electronically. When completing the form, do not use ditto marks or enter “same” in any fields.

Completing the Station Information Update Form

Required Documentation

GCAF only accepts documentation in English; documents in other languages will not be accepted. Additional documentation may be required in order to process the request.

The following documentation must be submitted when submitting a Station Information Update Form:

  •     An updated and completed Station Information Update form
  •     Copies of the following (scans, camera photos, etc., are acceptable but copies must be completely clear and readable):
    • If you are making a change to update your “Station Name”
      • An updated business license
      • An updated W-9 for the business
      • An updated Certificate of liability insurance
    • If you are changing out or adding an analyzer or moving an analyzer within your station, a scanned copy of the Site Plan Drawing
    • If you are adding or deleting an inspector, visit the GCAF Dashboard to complete (see instructions)


Please allow five (5) days for processing this update. Updates are processed in the order in which they are received. You will receive a confirmation number for your online submittal to acknowledge a successful transmission. Please use this number when referring to your update. NOTE: If you fail to upload the correct documentation, you will be contacted. In this case, when the correct documentation is received, the processing time resets to the times outlined above.

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