for Georgia's Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

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Station Registration Instructions

Registering Your Station for the Georgia I/M Program

Station owners and authorized managers have access to the online GCAF Dashboard: your single source for purchasing E-Certs, requesting inspector training, reviewing audit results, and accessing your station and inspector information. To access the dashboard, stations require secure credentials. All existing certified stations are required to complete the mandatory online Station Registration Application. Only station owners or currently documented authorized representatives are permitted to register for dashboard credentials.

Station registration forms will be reviewed and compared to the existing data base. If no discrepancies are found, a user name and password will be emailed to the applicant. If discrepancies are discovered, the applicant will be contacted by the GCAF staff to discuss and resolve.

To register you must:

  • Be a currently certified Georgia emissions station
  • Be the station manager or currently documented authorized station representative
  • Have a valid email address (this will be the method used to distribute dashboard credentials)

Required Documentation

  • A completed online Station Registration Application
  • A copy of the New E-Cert ACH Form if you are choosing to use ACH to purchase your E-Certs (scans, camera photos, etc., are acceptable but copies must be completely clear and readable)
  • Stations that currently use ACH to purchase their E-Certs must confirm their information by downloading and completing the E-Cert ACH form, then scan and upload a copy of the completed ACH form and either a cancelled check or deposit slip, when submitting the completed Station Registration Application.


Please allow three (3) business days for processing applications. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received. The applicant will receive a confirmation number for an online submittal to acknowledge a successful transmission. Please use this number when referring to your application. NOTE: If the applicant fails to upload the correct documentation, or discrepancies are found in the information they submitted they will be contacted. In this case, when the correct documentation is received, the processing time resets to the times outlined above.

Access the Station Registration Application.