for Georgia's Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance (I/M) Program.

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Station Reference Guide

Emissions Testing Station Reference Guide


Type Description Reason or Condition Examples Opens Ticket Closes Ticket
1 Unable to connect to the state’s computer (VID) GAS unable to transmit inspection results – call failure to the VID Phone line or modem problems, unable to download mobile tests, etc. Station Station
2 Permanent shut-down of GAS unit or station Owner wishes to close-out inspection lane or station Permanent station closure or GAS unit shut-down, change of ownership, business merger, etc. Station N/A
3 Failed equipment audit by GCAF (red sheet) GAS unit fails GCAF audit and is red- sheeted Malfunctioning analyzer bench or 5-gas failure Only GCAF Auditor GCAF
4 Failed equipment audit by GCAF (green sheet) GAS unit fails GCAF audit and is greensheeted Malfunctioning analyzer other than bench failure Only GCAF Auditor Station


Note: When calling to open or close a ticket, give the ticket number to the call representative.

Stations are no longer required to notify GCAF Station Assistance or obtain a ticket when a station or lane is temporarily closed. However, to avoid enforcement action, stations must follow the guidance below for posting appropriate “closed” signs when their station is temporarily closed or when they cannot perform inspections during posted hours.

An approved “closed” sign must be posted where it can be observed by the motoring public when a station cannot perform inspections according to the hours posted on its GCAF state-certified sign.

Approved examples of “closed” signs

  • Closed
  • Temporarily Closed
  • No Inspector On Duty
  • No Emissions Tests Today
  • No Emissions Inspections Today
  • Inoperative Inspection Equipment
  • Out to Lunch
  • Will Return at  xx:xx AM/PM

“Closed” signs are to be located where they are prominently obvious to motorists from their vehicle.

Approved examples of “closed” sign locations:

  • Overlay on state inspection sign (preferred method)
  • Inspection bay door (when door is in closed position)
  • Portable sign (easel, tripod, etc.) at entrance of inspection bay

“Closed” signs are to be made of outdoor sign-grade materials of plastic, metal or treated wood.

  • No paper, cardboard or untreated wood
  • Print on the “closed” sign is to be legible and no smaller than the size of the posted inspection fee