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Insurance Certificates | June 20, 2011
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As always, your stationís Certificate of Liability Insurance must be renewed annually. The current, valid and accurate certificate must be on file with GCAF. As a good business practice, a copy of your current Certificate of Liability Insurance should be kept near your analyzer thus easily accessible to EPD and GCAF auditors.

IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT STATION OWNERS WORK WITH THEIR INSURANCE PROVIDER TO DESIGNATE GCAF AS A "HOLDER" OF THEIR CERTIFICATE OF LIABILITY INSURANCE. By doing so, GCAF will automatically receive updated insurance certificates from the provider each year and we will update it in our system.

If the updated certificate is not automatically sent to GCAF by the insurance provider, the station owner is responsible for immediately submitting a copy to GCAF. UPDATED INSURANCE CERTIFICATES CAN BE FAXED TO GCAF AT 404.479.4375 OR HAND-DELIVERED TO THE GCAF KENNESAW OFFICE MONDAY-FRIDAY, 1-4 P.M.

When renewing your station certificate make certain that the station information on the Certificate of Liability Insurance is the exact same as the station information submitted on your Station Certification Application and on your business license.

The Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with GCAF and at your station must be current, valid and accurate for your station to be in compliance. Stations that fail to meet these requirements are subject to EPD enforcement action.

To confirm the expiration date of your current insurance on file, call GCAF Station Assistance at 800.449.2471, option 2.

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