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Viewing Area Requirements | May 24, 2011
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All certified emission inspection stations must provide a safe viewing area where motorists can safely view the entire emission test as it is being performed. This area must be covered or enclosed, allowing motorists to remain dry in inclement weather.

If you are unable to designate a safe viewing area, a closed-circuit television (CCTV) may be installed to provide a clear view of the entire emission test. The viewing monitor must be placed in a safe area that is covered or enclosed and easily accessible for customer viewing.

It is the inspector’s responsibility to inform motorists that an area is available for viewing their emission test.

Failure to comply with the viewing area requirements may result in EPD enforcement action.  

If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please visit the “Station” microsite on our website at and refer to the New Station Owner Presentation.

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~ GCAF and EPD require that you print, read, and store all GAS messages in a binder on or near the analyzer. GCAF and EPD also recommend that you print a second copy of these messages and post them in a prominent location for your employees to read. To retrieve and print a previous GAS message, go to the GAS message retrieval function in your analyzer and select the appropriate message to print (the analyzer holds up to 500 messages). ~

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